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( Get Together of Brides & Grooms organized by Shubhmangal from time to time.)

Get together of eligible Brides & Grooms means for setting of marriage and providing them detailed information by use of modern technology for taking decision in short time.
We have been following system for arranging marriages over a long period of time. We are all aware of that the system is time consuming and expensive. No doubt some procedures for arranged marriages are good but some of them need revision in view of present time wherein Brides & Grooms are busy in various fields and have to take important decision like marriage based on full and correct information.

First step of arranged marriages is collection of data of eligible Brides & Grooms and thereafter arrange their meeting along with a numbers of relatives on both sides at a convenient place. Decision in respect of acceptance of the proposal or otherwise is advised to the other party after a lapse of time and during that period both the parties have nothing to do but to wait for the communication. In case it is negative again the same procedure is followed and therefore it is quite time consuming and in fact irritating.

To overcome this problem and keeping pace with old & new good procedure of the
traditional system in the coming 21st century the Shubhmangal has proposed to organize get together of Brides & Grooms at a common place after getting required information about income,caste, height, expectations etc. in advance so that likely match could be short listed in advance. This helps to reduce time for taking decision since Brides & Grooms gets introduced and discuss details with comfort.
History of get together of Prospective Brides & Grooms Organized by Shubhmangal from time to time
Two get together of Marathi speaking Brides & Grooms were organized by the Shubhmangal at Thane on 6th and 8th April 2009 wherein around 650 Brides & Grooms and 1300 parents/relatives had participated. This was preceded by large scale advertisement in major newspapers all over Maharashtra and cost of such advertisement was around Rs.6 lacs & other expenditure on pendal Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks & other items was 4 lacs. It was first effort of the Shubhmangal to organize such a get together on such a large scale. It was expected that around 1000 Brides & Grooms would register and participate in the program. In fact only 650 Brides & Grooms participated and as a result Shubhmangal had suffered substantial financial loss but the matter of satisfaction for organizers was that 95% of the parents /relatives and Brides & Grooms participated & expressed their satisfaction regarding the purpose of the get together and nice arrangement for success of the get together. There after a number of inquiries are made as to when similar get together of Bride & Groom would be arranged from all corners.

These get together are sponsored by renowned Marathi daily newspaper-Loksatta-and many newspapers appreciated purpose of the get together and systematic arrangements made therein. Around 25% of the Brides & Grooms who had attended the program were married which indicates success of the get together. In this year we expect that at least 40% of the Brides & Grooms who attend the get together would find suitable match & the shubhmangal would feel satisfied that the efforts taken by it are bearing fruits. With this view in mind Shubhmangal proposed to organize similar programs at places like Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vile Parle, Dadar and Pune during the years.
Schedule of Brides & Grooms Get Together in the year 2011-2012
Shubhmangal’s proposed get together of eligible Bride & Grooms in the year 2011-12. In view thereof registration is on in our office as also with our representatives & online also. Bride & Grooms who desire to participate in these get together should give details like name, address, registration and register their names prior to each scheduled get together. One should also mention prescribed venue and date and time wherein he / she intends to participate from time to time well in advance. The forth coming get together it’s date, time, venue & for which castes & Brides & Grooms will be announced by displaying on our website & in the Sunday Loksatta prior to 3 weeks of a scheduled date of future get together of bride & grooms.
Rules to participate into get together of Brides & Grooms organized by Shubhmangal
During specific time Bride & Grooms and their parents can discuss among themselves and also exchange information. Bride & Grooms and their relatives should satisfy there serves about the information about the prospective bride & groom by independent means before finalization of marriage. Shubhmangal and its directors will not be liable for any incorrect or incomplete information.
Collection and submission of application forms: Bride & Grooms can download application form and other details from website in Marathi. In case Bride & Grooms desires to get it through post, an amount of Rs.50.00 should be sent by money order. Similarly he can obtain application from the office on payment of Rs.50.00.Full name and address of the applicant should be clear. Those who have paid such fees they should submit their applications and required fees after deduction of such Rs.50.00 and pay the balance amount in cash/cheque/DD/M.O. In case of difficulties in downloading application form from website, the Bride & Grooms should send e-mail on and ask for brochure and application form. On receipt of the e-mail application form will be sent by e-mail. In case of difficulty in opening website please contact us over phone / by e-mail.
3. Get together is organized with specific planning and all are expected to observe the discipline while participating in the program. Incase of cancellation of the program due to the reason like natural calamity, strike, bandh, terrorist attack, bomb blast of similar reasons due to human errors which are beyond control of the directors/organizers no refund will be made of the amount made on account of registration fees and entry fee.
On fixation of the program details like venue, time and date will be published fifteen days in advance on our website. In respect of proposed get together.
Administration and Discipline: Everyone will have to maintain decorum of the program by appropriate behavior and maintaining discipline. Anyone who is drunk will be barred from entering the hall. Smoking is prohibited both in the hall and outside. Shouting and talking in high tone in the hall will not be allowed. Any comment or suggestion /complaints should be conveyed in polite way or should be given in writing to the organiser. All are requested to cooperate for success of the program. Directors reserve the right of allow/not to allow entry in the hall for any person. In case of any problem it will be within the jurisdiction of Thane court only.
No one should be under impression that their marriage will be immediately finalized by attending the get together by registration for the program or attending the same. Directors do not give any guarantee of setting marriage. The main objective of the get together is bringing interested Bride & Grooms under one roof and make available information about each so that appropriate decision could be taken in short time in the interest of all concerned.
Confirmation in respect of date, time and venue of the program: In case of any change in date, time and venue of the program such change will be displayed immediately on our website. Those candidates who have provided number of their mobile will be advised by SMS. In spite of that Bride & Grooms should be in touch of our website and our office and acquaint themselves about latest information and developments. In case of any loss of the Bride & Grooms on account of not keeping in touch the management and directors will not be responsible there for which please note. You will appreciate that it is not possible to advise every one individually. You may contact us over telephone and even send a e-mail.
Payment of fees: You can deposit fees in any of the branches of Bank of Maharashtra. For the purpose you have to deposit fee by cheque for the credit of account of Shubhmangal as below: Bank of Maharashtra, Naupada Branch,Thane (West): Code No.: 0110 Current account Number : 60024328867
9. 11. A photo copy of counterfoil received by you from the bank should be sent to us by e mail or by fax after writing your name and mobile number. You have also to send a photocopy of the receipt along with your application addressed to our office by registered post. You may also send the amount by money order & Photocopy of receipt received from post office. Such money order could be sent to us along with application by registered post. Names and addresses of our representatives are available on our website. You may go through the same and pay amount with one who is near to your residence and obtain receipt. You may visit our office during 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. on any day of the week (no weekly holiday) and obtain receipt.
10. Vadhu Var Melave is being organized keeping in mind social benefit. Each candidate may be able to choose an appropriate match from among a number of alternatives for his/her life and have a peaceful life is the main intention of this project. This could be more meaningful after taking into consideration past experience and suggestions. This will be possible with your cooperation. Please therefore take advantage of this golden opportunity for the benefit of all.
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